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Explore and disover your family's unique heritage with our free website. Watch your genealogical tree chart grow automatically over time. Sometimes the best source of information comes from other living members of your family tree who are familiar with your ancestors, where they lived and how to obtain vital birth and genealogical records.

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We believe that discovering your ancestors and sharing your research is an unique and fulfilling experience. We are proud to offer one of the biggest resources providing family tree and the best genealogy research software that you can find. Try our ancestor search and see why many people consider us the best free genealogy website available. Search through our directory of family and ancestry records consisting of a database of over 250 million records. The purpose of this directory is to put you in touch with genealogists who are creating websites to show new findings regarding the surnames of their ancestors.

Our website provides photos, biographies, histories, alternate spellings and country of origin for many surnames. We continuously search every name for new connections for you, notifying you by email when new ancestors are located for your tree. Your data is saved and backed up on our secure servers.

Researching the details of your family tree can be much faster and more complete if you find other researchers who have already developed part of your family genealogy. We hope that you find our resources and genealogy directory to be useful for your family surname records search and wish you much success in finding your completed family tree.

Genealogy is always eye-opening and educational when learning about your ancestry. In addition, sharing your research with other family members can also be a very fulfilling experience. You can make really quick work when you meet other members of your extended family tree and see their research and genealogical findings.

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